Friday, January 13, 2006

What is this Blog?

This is probably the only entry on this blog that will ever make sense. Enjoy the rest.

For the curious, the posts here are generated using webXcreta, which was first conceived here. webXcreta was inspired by the audio analog, Eigenradio as well as that beloved mechanical protagonist from Umberto Eco's second novel.

webXcreta sucks down the latest entries for the currently most popular blogs on the Intarweb. It then parses each weblog entry using natural language processing (NLTK) and figures out what words are verbs, nouns, adjectives, definite articles, etc. Next, it creates weighted values based on how high-ranking each blog is (higher ranking blogs have a greater influence over sentence count, word order, and vocabulary). The reassembled bits get spit out and posted here.

To steal (and paraphrase) the classic phrase from Eigenradio:

What you read on Schrödinger's Böx is the best of the blogosphere, distilled and de-correlated. One post on Schrödinger's Böx is worth at least 453 anywhere else.

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